One Piece Hints At The Kaido/Luffy Battle Finale

One Piece has been heating up in the fight between Luffy and Kaido, and the final moments from the newest chapter of the series tease that the grand finale of the fight is almost here! The fight between the two has gone through a number of different climaxes since their fight initially began on the top of the Skull Dome. In fact, at one point it had even crowned Kaido the winner of their third full confrontation as he dealt what seemed to be a fatal blow only for Luffy to awakened to a whole new power hidden within his Devil Fruit.  

Luffy awakening to a new power hidden within his Devil Fruit only kicked the fight into high gear as it was revealed that Kaido was perfectly able to keep up with Luffy's ridiculous new abilities. This had pushed Luffy to such a desperate new point that the previous chapter of the series kicked off his final plan to take down Kaido for good with such a massive punch that it would be putting Onigashima at risk as well. As their powers collide in the newest chapter, the final moments tease that the end of the fight is fast approaching. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1048 of One Piece continues launching Luffy's massive punch straight down towards Kaido as previously seen in the manga, and Kaido responds in kind with a fiery new attack. Kaido's flames are so hot that they are even hurting Luffy's new kind of body, but Luffy is entirely confident in his new attack that's filled with the Ryuo that he had been training how to better use with Hyogoro's help. Their powers continue to collide and the final moments of the chapter see the two of them making one final push as the fight is clearly nearing its end. 

With Onigashima dangerously close to crashing down on Wano's Flower Capital below, and Momonosuke desperately trying to keep the island from being caught up in the wake of their clashing powers, the fight is indeed going to end very soon. It remains to be seen whether or not Luffy can completely defeat the Emperor, but at this point he clearly has no choice because we've already seen what the worst case scenario would look like when he fails

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