One Piece Cliffhanger Kicks Off Luffy's Wildest Plan Yet

One Piece is gearing up for one of Luffy's wildest plans yet with the final moments from the newest chapter of the series! The fight between Luffy and Kaido has reached some ridiculous new levels as the two of them are fighting for a lot longer than Kaido ever would have expected. Following Luffy taking a deadly blow, he unlocked the true power within his Devil Fruit and now is fighting on par with the powerful Emperor. With the latest chapters, Luffy is now closer than ever to actually taking down the invincible emperor once and for all as he goes for one final gambit.

The previous chapters of the series have been winding down the clock even further because while Luffy and Kaido have been battling against one another on the roof of the Skull Dome, Onigashima itself has been hurtling towards Wano's Flower Capital below. The flame clouds Kaido had set have been fading, and Momonosuke is now the only one who can keep it afloat and save the island with his own ability. He's going to need to do so fast, however, as the newest cliffhanger sees Luffy launching a giant punch that will take Kaido down...and possibly Onigashima with it. 

Chapter 1047 of One Piece continues the fight between Luffy and Kaido, and while Kaido is landing all kinds of attacks on the Straw Hat Captain it's clear that Luffy has some kind of plan in mind to deal with the Emperor. He grabs Kaido by the chest and hangs onto something in the sky that isn't quite clear just yet. He's so adamant about hanging onto this thing in the sky that he takes on a lot of other attacks from Kaido, and it's soon revealed that he had been generating a fist larger than he ever has before. 

He soon yells out to Momo that he's planning to put an end to all of this and Momo needs to move Onigashima, and as the chapter comes to an end he puts all of his trust in Momo to move the island as he holds down Kaido while bringing a huge punch raining down. Now it's a matter of seeing whether or not Momonosuke can live up to the pressure and save the island before Luffy takes everything down with this final punch. 

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