One Piece Just Destroyed Its Biggest Pirate Crew Yet

It seems like our One Piece heroes can hardly catch a break these days. Right now, creator Eiichiro Oda has Luffy's team dealing with a whodunnit on Egghead Island with Dr. Vegapunk, and that does not even touch upon Kid's latest mission. Not long ago, Eustass Kid and his crew saddled up to Shanks to make their challenge against the Yonko known. And in the most recent chapter of One Piece, we witnessed the fall of the manga's biggest pirate crew yet.

And honestly, you can probably guess who went down at this point. There is no world where Shanks vs Kid ends with the latter winning, let's be real. We saw that play out with One Piece this week, but fans did not expect the entire Kid Crew to go down with the ship.

The update comes from One Piece's most recent chapter as Oda pitted Kid against Shanks. The upstart of the New Generation tried to take on the Red-Haired Pirates with a sneak attack, but it did not work. Shanks stepped to Kid directly with a blast of Haki that sent him into unconsciousness. The move forced the Kid Pirates to beg for their captain's life, and Shanks did spare it after getting his treasure. But before his crew left, they made sure the sink the entire Kid Crew fleet.

The moment was a heavy one, and you can see why One Piece fans were surprised by the turn. After all, Shanks is a forgiving man within reason, but his journey toward the One Piece has begun in earnest. He may not play dirty like other Yonko, but Shanks will not hesitate to cull an enemy who stands in his way. Honestly, Kid is lucky he was not killed by the captain, but he may wish for death once he sees what happened to the Kid Crew. It seems most of his men made it out of the confrontation alive, but the blow from Shanks weighs heavy yet.

Now, the question fans have is where will Kid go next. The pirate could pull himself up by his laces and reform his crew from scratch. That seems unlikely given that One Piece is now in its final act, and there is an alternative. The remains of Kid's crew could join up with Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew as an auxiliary of sorts. It all depends on how Kid's pride stands in the wake of his loss. The pirate could share his dream with Luffy or start anew, but one thing is for sure. There is no way Kid is going to show his belly and give up on his treasure-hunting dream. 

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