One Piece Reveals Robin's Devilish New Transformation

One Piece revealed Nico Robin's secretly devilish new transformation with the newest chapter of [...]

One Piece revealed Nico Robin's secretly devilish new transformation with the newest chapter of the manga! The manga has been making its way through the climax of the Raid on Onigashima as a new set of battles have been breaking out throughout the island. One of the most intriguing has been for Nico Robin, who is finally in the midst of her first real fight in the arc and first real fight in quite a while. Saving Sanji from Black Maria of the Tobi Roppo, a much more aggressive Robin has been showing out in full force.

This continues with the newest chapter of the series as Robin continues to fight against Black Maria as the Tobi Roppo foe hurls insults towards her, Sanji, and the other Straw Hats. Robin refused to break her poker face throughout the fight even as she showed off her strongest attack in the Wano arc thus far, but as it was revealed in the newest chapter this was actually by far from her strongest technique. She had been secretly hiding a much different ability, a devilish transformation known as "Demonio Fleur" that transformed her into a giant devil version of herself.

As Black Maria continued to hurl insults at Robin while punching her, Robin thought back to a time she had trained with Sabo and the Revolutionary Army. This has led her to advance her other techniques as well, and this came with the reveal of the devilish take on her Fluer technique. It summons a gigantic version of herself as Robin declares that she'll become a demon in order to protect anyone important to her and for the people counting on her just as Sanji is doing now.

Demonio Fleur then allows Robin to grapple Black Maria's giant body and many spider legs in what she calls the "Grand Jacuzzi Clutch" that leaves the Tobi Roppo member completely defeated. So while Robin has been purposefully holding herself back, it seems she's no longer going to do so if and when push comes to shove. She'll now become the literal devil she has been told she was throughout her entire life, and now is a fully realized version of herself as a result.

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