One Piece Reveals the Victor of Shanks vs Kid

One Piece is working through its final act in the manga, and there is a lot to work through before Luffy's journey ends. Creator Eiichiro Oda is working through one arc of the saga, and it has put the Straw Hat crew in a tight spot. The gang is teaming up with Dr. Vegapunk against the World Government, and somehow, that fight isn't the biggest on the Grand Line. That title goes to Shanks vs Kid, and the manga just laid out who won that massive battle.

So you have been warned! There are massive spoilers below for One Piece chapter 1079. Read on with caution.

If you are caught up with the One Piece manga, you will know Shanks and his Red-Hair Pirates came face to face with Eustass Kid in a recent chapter. It was there the Worst Generation leader made it clear he would not bow to Shanks. As the Yonko wanted materials from Kid, a conflict was quick to brew, and One Piece settled the beef between Shanks and his foe. Sadly, it was hardly a battle as Luffy's role model took down Kid with a single shot.

Using his Haki, Shanks was able to defeat Kid with a blast of Divine Departure, and the whole encounter ended in moments. Kid's crew was left to beg for his life as Shanks and the Red-Hair Pirates continued their onslaught. One Piece chapter 1079 ended with Kid's pirate crew obliterated as their ships were taken to the sea. And in the end, Shanks got the artifacts needed to hunt for Gold Roger's treasure.

Of course, many One Piece fans expected this outcome. Kid may be powerful, and yes – he did prove himself as a valuable fighter in Wano. However, there is a difference between being talented and being able to defeat Shanks. The Yonko is a menace when it comes to strength, and even pirates like Blackbeard would think carefully before taking on Shanks. Still, Kid had the confidence to throw the first punch, and he paid for it dearly. So now, the question fans all want answered is what will Kid do now that his crew has been demolished?

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