One Piece Reveals Why SPOILER Betrayed Luffy's Rebels

The traitor of Wano Country has been revealed and the vassals of Oden are beside themselves, [...]

The traitor of Wano Country has been revealed and the vassals of Oden are beside themselves, realizing that one of their "brothers in arms" has been a turncoat the entire time. With the recent chapter of One Piece's manga, it's clear that the vassals are in a much more dire situation than they had previously thought. With several ships of Beast Pirates baring down on them, the heroes luckily get a last minute assist from Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, and several members of the Worst Generation giving them a serious power boost in the upcoming battle!

Warning! If you haven't had the chance to read chapter 974 of One Piece's manga, feel free to steer clear of the rest of this article as we will be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the Wano Country Arc!

Kanjuro has revealed himself to be the traitor within the vassals of Oden, spending years fighting alongside his comrades, only doing so in order to feed information to the current shogun of Wano. Unfortunately for the vassals, they didn't realize that Kanjuro happened to be a member of the Kurozumi family and held the same grudge against the land that his family member Orochi did. Needless to say, Kanjuro's betrayal was a surprise to the vassals but made sense when you consider he did it entirely for his lineage. Even to the end, Kanjuro still considered them friends, though we don't know just how sane this character currently is.

The Kabuki themed swordsman has a unique ability that he gained from the "Paramecia Devil Fruit", allowing him to bring to life anything that he draws. Holding similar powers to that of Naruto Shippuden's Sai, it's clear that Kanjuro's abilities are one that the vassals of Oden will have some trouble overcoming. In fact, as Kanjuro reveals his betrayal, he also reveals that the "Kanjuro" currently close to the rest of his former friends is nothing more than a duplicate, brought to life thanks to Kurozumi's abilities.

What makes Kanjuro so dangerous is that he was more than willing to go undercover for years, even nearly being boiled alive and considers himself to be "dead" following this instance. With his goal permanently being the feeding of information to Orochi, the vassals of Oden seemingly never had a chance of launching a sneak attack, though the war for Wano's soul is far from over.

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