Netflix's One Piece Shines Light on Going Merry in New Set Photos

One Piece is moving full speed ahead with its live-action plans, and Netflix is helming the project across the ocean. The streaming service is bringing the show's set together in Cape Town, and work has been happening slowly to bring out favorite heroes to life. And now, a new bunch of photos has hit the Internet that shows how the Going Merry is fairing.

As you can see below, the photos came online thanks to Cape Town locals like @OCJ828 on Twitter. The photos surfaced showing the Going Merry in its current state, and it seems the Straw Hat ship is looking fine. In fact, the sea-worthy ship would make Franky beam with pride, and One Piece fans are loving the look.

The photo from the side shows the Going Merry in scale, and it has all of the touches you'd expect. The ship has the adorable decor on the front that the manga made famous decades ago, but that's not all. The ship has white trim around the side just like in the anime, and the rest of the Going Merry looks fairly realistic. The blend here between factual and cartoon is pretty perfect given Netflix's live-action ambitions. And of course, there is no telling how much CGI might be used to make the Going Merry come to life.

Currently, this peek is one of the best we've gotten from the One Piece project, so fans are happy to see the Going Merry doing well. Now, the only thing we need is for Netflix to share its cast with fans because netizens are desperate to know the star who will bring Monkey D. Luffy to life.


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