One Piece Breaks Hearts With Oden's Final Moments

One Piece really broke hearts with Oden's final moments in the newest episode of the series! The [...]

One Piece really broke hearts with Oden's final moments in the newest episode of the series! The Wano Country arc is now in its third act, and kicked off the whole experience with a special flashback exploring Oden Kozuki and his impact on Wano Country and the rest of the world at large. One thing that had been burning at the back of fans' minds, however, is that Oden's death kicked off the events that eventually saw the Akazaya Nine heading 20 years into the future. Now with the newest episode, we officially got the start to all of this chaos.

After a previous episode saw Oden setting up for a brutal execution by boiling, the previous episode of the series officially kicked off the Legendary Hour. This was the hour that saw Oden attempt to keep himself and his retainers alive within the boiling oil for a full hour, and unfortunately, it does not end as epically as it began. Episode 974 does bring this hour to an end, but also brings Oden's life to an end as well.

Episode 974 of the series continues the hour that began as Oden gives his retainers his final orders. He wants them to live on and eventually open Wano's borders in his place because he knows there is no way he's going to make it out of this boiling oil. Through all of this, Oden's name is cleared for Wano's citizens as it was revealed that he was only playing at being a fool to save them from Orochi's terror.

This got the people of Wano even cheering for Oden to survive boiling in the oil for an hour, and he actually does. Once the hour passes, Oden tosses the Akazaya Nine out of the pot and they run off back to Kuri. He knows it's the end for him, and declares to Orochi and Kaido that his spirit will live on. As he takes in his final breath, he shouts out his "Oden wouldn't be oden" catchphrase one last time before he's shot to death by Kaido.

Oden's body had essentially died while saving the others in the boiling oil, but he died with a huge smile on his face following hearing the people of Wano finish out his catchphrase in his place. With that smile, and with the promise of the future for the country to come, Oden's life had come to an end. But what did you think of this flashback to Oden's life? How did you feel about his death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!