One Piece Revisits Gol D. Roger's Execution at Last

One Piece is continuing to take a break from the struggle between the Straw Hat Pirates in the isolated nation known as Wano and Kaido with his Beast Pirates by focusing instead on the life of Kozuki Oden via flashback, which has also given us more of an insight into some of the biggest swashbucklers of the Grand Line's past. With Oden traveling alongside both Whitebeard and the founder of the One Piece, we see how Gol D. Roger's execution made ripples around the world and how some of his closest friends reacted to the death of the pirate that started it all.

As fans of Eiichiro Oda's epic Shonen franchise know, Gol D. Roger was put to death shortly after discovering the One Piece treasure, with fans still not realizing just what made up the legendary booty that got the ball rolling on the story of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Though we don't see the full execution take place in the latest episode of the anime, we see the ramifications of Roger's death, as the news spreads like wildfire around the world. Whitebeard, aka Edward Newgate, has some quiet reflection when it comes to the death of his longtime friend, remembered how Roger was ready for the end.

One Piece Gol D Roger
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Kozuki Oden takes the news of Roger's death very differently, openly weeping as the newspaper clipping finds his way before his eyes. While Oden might not be on the ground like his former captain, Kozuki is now back in his homeland of Wano, prancing around town in a hilarious and disturbing manner. Earlier in the latest installment of the anime, we see Oden attempting to bring a sword down upon the nefarious Shogun Orochi, witnessing the horror that the pint-sized demagogue has unleashed upon his people.

For reasons yet unknown, Oden does not deliver a killing blow to Orochi, but leaves the castle as something of a clown, asking for donations from the citizens of Wano as he bounces around the town square in his skivvies. It's clear however the Kozuki's receiving of the news is enough to change his trajectory and take up the sword once again.


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