One Piece Reveals What Happened When Oden Tried to Retake Wano

One Piece revealed what happened when Oden Kozuki tried to retake Wano in the newest episode of [...]

One Piece revealed what happened when Oden Kozuki tried to retake Wano in the newest episode of the series! One Piece's Wano Country arc has been spending the first half of its third act exploring Oden Kozuki's past and his adventures in Wano and through the rest of the seas as part of both Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger's crews. While these oceanic adventures were important in revealing some of the major aspects of the series' lore, the newest episode was probably the most important for Wano yet as Oden finally returned home.

With Oden finally home after his long journey at sea, the newest episode of the series revealed Oden's reaction to all of the changes Orochi made as his father's proxy. Enraged at how much Orochi's actions had harmed his family and the rest of Wano's people, Oden charged straight at Orochi with the newest episode. But as we quickly see, this doesn't end as straightforwardly as Oden expected.

One Piece Oden Dance Anime
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Oden was received as a hero upon his return thanks to the actions of Hiyori and the others, and thus he got nothing but cheers when he rushed into Orochi's castle in Episode 970 of the series. But in trying to strike down Orochi, Oden learns that Orochi is backed by the rest of the Kurozumi Clan who have Devil-Fruit abilities from the Clone-Clone and Barrier-Barrier Fruits.

While we know what becomes of them years later, in this moment Oden has no way to counteract these abilities. Making matters worse is the fact that Orochi reveals that their plot not only led to the death of Oden's father, but placed Orochi in the shogun role without any fear of him losing it. Making matters worse is Kaido's threat lingering overhead at the same time.

We don't see what happens next, but soon Oden takes to the street and begins to strip down and dance like a fool. Doing this day in and day out, rain or shine, this pathetic look for Oden had made people lose hope in their former hero. Without explaining why he's doing such a thing in the face of Orochi's overwhelming threat, the mysteries only dig deeper.

But the newest episode also shares hope in the fact that Oden's eyes seem to open much wider with the realization that Gol D. Roger had been executed. As Oden's flashback continues to flesh out his story with Orochi, we'll learn more about what happened in this strange moment between the two foes.

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