One Piece Shares One Second From All 1000 Episodes: Watch

One Piece is only a few hours away from celebrating the milestone one-thousandth episode of its anime adaptation, with the upcoming installment set to bring the Straw Hat Pirates back together once again to battle against the Beast Pirates and their terrifying captain known as Kaido. To help celebrate the major event, the Shonen franchise has released a special video that takes the opportunity to take one second from all thousand episodes, compiling them together to help revel in the past adventures of Luffy and his crew that have been running on the small screen for decades.

Recently, the One Piece franchise made waves not with its thousandth episode, but with Netflix revealing the cast for its live-action series, which is set to be the first of its kind when it comes to the work of Eiichiro Oda. While there hasn't been any footage from this new series as of yet, it will be covering the East Blue Saga which saw the Straw Hats begin to form as Luffy assembled a handful of crew members in Nami, Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp respectively. With the Shonen's manga still deep into the heart of the War for Wano Arc, the battle against Kaido and his forces definitely still has plenty more story left in the anime before drawing to a close.

One Piece released the new video that compiles footage from all one thousand episodes, creating quite the trek through the past of the prolific Shonen franchise that has followed along with Luffy and his crew for decades and given anime fans some of the biggest battles in the medium's history:

The War For Wano is definitely one of the biggest storylines in the history of One Piece, and the mangaka responsible for this Arc and the entirety of One Piece has stated in the past that this story might be one of the series' last as he is seeking to wrap the story of the Straw Hats within the next five years. While things could change, this current war certainly seems impossible to top.

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