Netflix's One Piece: Usopp's Jacob Gibson Breaks Silence on Casting

Netflix wasn't kidding when it told fans it was going all in on anime some years ago. From original series to exclusive licenses, Netflix has brought a lot of good anime to fans in the last five years. Now, the service is ready to tackle live-action anime thanks to a new initiative, and one of One Piece's stars is finally breaking their silence on the gig.

The update comes from none other than Jacob Romero Gibson, the actor set to play Usopp in One Piece. The live-action show, which has been sitting in development, shared its leads earlier this month. And now, Gibson is thanking fans for all of their support in light of their casting. The actor took to Instagram with his message, and the One Piece fandom is geeking out over the post. 

"Y'all are truly the dopest fanbase in the whole gotdam world, and we all can't wait to show you the absolutely perfect team we have assembled to take on bringing this most amazing story and these amazing characters into a new realm. We love you," Gibson shared.

Continuing, the actor shared his thanks with fans as he's received lots of love in the last month. "We thank you, and we got you! There is no better team to attempt a quest this grand. Raise the anchors, we're going to the moon with this one!"

As you can see, Gibson is eager to see where Usopp goes in this live-action adaptationOne Piece has never attempted a live-action production on this scale before, but it has done stage plays in the past. With the help of creator Eiichiro Oda, fans are hoping Gibson and his castmates are able to do the Straw Hat crew justice. But for now, Netflix is keeping its eye on Cowboy Bebop as the anime's live-action series is going live this weekend.

What do you think about One Piece's live-action cast so far? Are you planning to check out the adaptation Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.