One Piece Cliffhanger Reveals Sanji's Deadly Pact With Zoro

One Piece has revealed a surprisingly deadly pact between Sanji and Zoro with the cliffhanger from the manga's newest chapter! The manga has reached the climax of the raid on Onigashima, and each new chapter of the series has brought the war closer to its finale as the final battles are being set in place. One of these fights has been especially curious as when Sanji started facing off against Queen, his body started acting in a weird way as Queen taunted Sanji about the Straw Hat's Vinsmoke roots. 

These changes in Sanji's body started growing far more drastic, and began to worry him about whether or not he was becoming a cold and heartless machine warrior like his brothers. Thus as he feels like his body has changed completely, the newest chapter saw Sanji reaching out to the one person he surprisingly trusts the most (despite all of the animosity between the two) as he asks Zoro to be the one to end him should he continue to lose his sense of self following the fight. Something Zoro is willing to agree to. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1031 of the series digs the mystery of Sanji's changing body even further as he reveals that while his body has stopped acting up, now it's his mind that is starting to do the same as it seems like he's doing things (terrible things) without even realizing they happened. As he prepares to fully fight against Queen and unleash the full slight of whatever new power this is, it's revealed that he actually snuck a transponder snail on Zoro's person. He says it was to help Zoro, but it's really for him. 

Sanji asks that if he's not in his right mind when the fight is over, he wants Zoro to then kill him. Zoro agrees without telling Sanji to explain himself (further showing the close bond between the two), and thus vows to kill Sanji after the fight if he loses himself. Now it's definitely making the mystery of whatever's happening to his body all the more intriguing, and gives it a major consequence if Sanji really does become a heartless machine like the rest of the Germa soldiers. 

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