One Piece Reveals Queen's Shocking Finisher

The Beast Pirates are one of the biggest obstacles that the Straw Hat Pirates have faced to date, with Luffy and company each having their own individual battles as they attempt to take down Kaido and the forces of darkness that are currently keeping Wano country under lock and key. With Sanji facing off against the Beast Pirate Queen, one of the most powerful swashbucklers in Kaido's employ, the larger-than-life pirate shows off one of his most powerful techniques in this latest chapter, which also happens to be one of the strangest powers in One Piece history.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1028, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into major spoiler territory. 

Queen is in his fully powered form as a brontosaurus human hybrid, swinging a sword at the cook of the Straw Hats while also employing a laser beam out of tail that is hilariously dubbed the "Black Coffee Beam", which Sanji is barely able to dodge. With Sanji employing his Bien Cuit Grill Shot, Queen is put up against the wall and transforms back into his full dinosaur form, while also taunting the Straw Hat Chef:

"That organic kick of yours packs a pretty good punch! In that case, let me stash the mechanisms and show you pure dino terror! Dinosaurs ruled the world for hundreds of millions of years! Witness the raw power of the king! Brachio-Snakeus!"

Queen then proceeds to launch his neck and head out of his own body, wrapping up Sanji in his coils as if he was a boa constrictor. With the Beast Pirate threatening to murder Snaji in his grasp, Queen also shows that the body he left behind is loaded with robotics, allowing him to fire an explosive attack though it backfires on the dinosaurs human hybrid, freeing Sanji in the process.

Unfortunately for Queen, the battle seems to have unleashed Sanji's latent abilities that he inherited from his family, proving that this battle in the War For Wano is far from over. 

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