One Piece Teases a Terrifying Sulong Reveal

One Piece has finally kicked off the war for Wano Country officially, and the newest chapter of [...]

One Piece has finally kicked off the war for Wano Country officially, and the newest chapter of the series teased just how intense this fight is going to get with a terrifying Sulong reveal on the horizon. The previous chapter of the series left us off on a huge cliffhanger as the Akazaya Nine made their first official move against Kaido at Onigashima, and the newest chapter picks up immediately after as their attack surprisingly does some damage to the powerful pirate. And with this first move, Kaido has shifted the battleground.

Surprised at the fact that the Akazaya Nine was able to hurt him at all, Kaido shifts to his full dragon form in Chapter 987 of the series. Hearing that Luffy has officially declared war on his and Big Mom's combined forces, Kaido then takes the battle out of his base and to the outer skirts of Onigashima. As it turns out, the Mink Tribe was planning for this as they are preparing to all reveal their Sulong transformations.

When Nekomamushi and Inuarashi set up the Mink Tribes as they headed toward Onigashima, they had been teasing the full power of the Minks that we briefly saw in action during the Whole Cake Island arc with Carrot and Pekoms. Now in the newest chapter they are finally gearing up to showcase each of their Sulong transformations. As they emerge at the roof of Kaido's dome, Nekomamushi reveals that they are confident this time around.

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Because while Oden might not be fighting at their side this time, they had planned for the fact that Kaido would not be fighting indoors while using his dragon form. Bringing the Mink Tribes with them as back up this time, a full moon is shining about them. Meaning, that they will all have access to their Sulong transformations. After seeing what kind of power Carrot's Sulong form had with very little training, it does make one wonder how a more experienced fighter like Nekomamushi will be in his own Sulong. This already seems like it's going to go a lot better than before, but we will see for sure as the arc continues.

Are you excited to see the Mink Tribes all unleash their Sulong forms? Do you think this will make a difference against someone like Kaido? Do you think their combined forces alongside the Akazaya Nine will be enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!