One Piece Sets Up Sanji's Most Difficult Fight Yet

One Piece took a lot of timing setting up the War for Wano, and the event is finally here. Kaido [...]

One Piece took a lot of timing setting up the War for Wano, and the event is finally here. Kaido and Big Mom are all-hands with their crews to take down the rebels at any cost. The pair are determined to beat back the army to regain full control of Wano, but there are plenty of fighters in their way. Of course, one of them is Sanji, and it seems the hero just met his match for the war.

Recently, One Piece put out a new chapter, and it was there fans came into contact with Sanji. The chef manages to rescue Momonosuke from his crucifix, but he does so with a foe hot on his tail. King the Conflagration is there to bother Sanji, and the chapter leaves the pair isolated for a duel before it ends.

"A big gaping hole in the stomach could kill someone," Sanji tells the baddie. But as you can imagine, King did not career to listen.

one piece sanji

"I'll split you in two! Let's see if you can vanish and escape that!"

The two are shown crashing into a building after King rams Sanji into it from above. It seems the pair are ready to fight each other, and this will give Sanji some much-needed space to let off steam. After all, he spent much of the Whole Cake Island arc tied in a contractual romance, but he is free to rage all he wants here.

Of course, King isn't an opponent Sanji should take lightly. In fact, the villain is on par with baddies better suited for Luffy to handle. King is one of Kaido's All-Stars which makes him one of the captain's three strongest commanders. His devil fruit makes him insanely strong, and physical attacks do little to him. But if there is one thing Sanji won't do... well, that is to run away from a fight.

Do you think Sanji will have to take on King alone? Or will the One Piece hero be joined by someone else before a winner is declared? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!