One Piece Shows Off Oden's Power in Stunning Scene

One Piece showed off Oden Kozuki's power with a stunning scene in the newest episode of the [...]

One Piece showed off Oden Kozuki's power with a stunning scene in the newest episode of the series! Throughout the Wano Country arc (and even some time before), fans have been teased with various hints and allusions to the greatness of Oden Kozuki from 20 years in the country's past. The Akazaya Nine and other characters have talked up his legend, but the anime has now given fans a much better look at this legendary figure through its most recent flashback. Now that the anime has officially kicked off the Wano Country arc's third act, the ball has begun rolling in full.

Episode 961 of the series continues Oden Kozuki's flashback, which is one of the biggest and potentially most important flashbacks in the series thus far, and now that he's been fully introduced to the anime we are starting to see more of the power behind the legend. Because while most of his antics could potentially be overstated, it's impossible to overlook just how strong he appears when taking down the Mountain God boar in a single strike.

The episode sees a young Kin'emon and new addition Denjiro worrying about the fact that the giant boar (which the people of Wano dub as a god) rampaging through the country, but Kin'emon soon gets involved and attacks in directly when he finds that Tsuru had been eaten. When Oden sees and acknowledges Kin'emon's guts at fighting such a monster, Oden gets involved himself.

Using the two swords we see passed down to Hiyori and Momonosuke in the future, Oden unleashes his own two sword style. Channelling Ryou into both of his blades, he charges right at the mountain god and unleashes his Paradise Waterfall technique. This attack chops the giant boar in two clean halves, and cuts in such a way that all of the people that had been eaten prior were able to escape from its stomach relatively unharmed.

Oden's flashback is just getting started, so we'll be seeing much more of what this figure is capable of. But what did you think of Oden's first real show of force in the anime? Curious to see what the flashback will show next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!