One Piece Art Welcomes Yamato's Best Hades Crossover

Hades is a rogue-like video game that has ascended to become a fan favorite as it explores the [...]

Hades is a rogue-like video game that has ascended to become a fan favorite as it explores the journey of the son of the titular character attempting to escape his father's realm, and with the game having recently landed on Xbox's Game Pass, one fan artist has decided to blend this world of the supernatural with the swashbuckling world created by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece. With the offspring of the Beast Pirate Kaido set to play a major role in the War for Wano Arc, it's no surprise to see Yamato showing up in more places within the fan community.

In the pages of One Piece's manga, Yamato has recently stepped up the plate to battle against his father, showing off the power of his Devil Fruit in order to stand a chance against the Beast Pirate Captain's dragon form. While Yamato has yet to play a heavy role in the anime series, fans can definitely expect some major story beats to revolve around the character that many believe will be one of the newest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, joining Luffy's crusade to become the king of the pirates. The War For Wano is one of the biggest arcs of the series to date, and the ending of which will be sure to change the world of the Grand Line forever.

Twitter Artist Iury Padilha shared this One Piece and Hades fusion, that brings together the offspring of Kaido in Yamato and the offspring of Hades in Zagreus, with the pair of warriors making for quite the character when smashed together:

One Piece has ventured into the world of video games more often than we can count, with the Shonen franchise appearing over a number of different consoles throughout the years. While we don't expect Luffy and the gang to cross over with the world of Hades, the fighting game Jump Force saw them teaming up with plenty of major Shonen characters.

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