One Piece Fan Imagines How Zoro Lost His Eye in Touching Artwork

One Piece has grabbed fans attention during the latest story line of the Wano Arc by placing the [...]

One Piece has grabbed fans attention during the latest story line of the Wano Arc by placing the Straw Hat Pirates into a foreign land but prior to this installment, Luffy and company found themselves separated for two years in order to gain more strength but fans were left wondering what had happened to Zoro who returned with a missing eye, with one fan deciding to give their own theory on what might have happened. As Luffy and his swashbuckling team mates take on Kaido and his Beast Pirates, fans are still questioning what series of events led to Zoro's handicap.

While each member of the Straw Hats went about their own journeys to become stronger, Zoro trained with the master swordsman known as Mihawk, who is often considered to be one of the best in the world. Though the answer as to what exactly happened to Zoro's eye is still up in the air, most fans believe that it definitely happened during his training with Mihawk. Though he was disabled in terms of his overall vision, he did come out of his grueling training with some new powers and a much stronger overall ability to wield his swords.

Fan Artist DJ OKBBS shared this impressive fan comic that shows Zoro training with Mihawk, losing his left eye during the stand off where the two clashed swords and ultimately resulted in the Straw Hat crew member becoming far more powerful prior to his arrival on Wano:

Zoro clearly has a huge role to play in Wano, having been given one of the legendary swords of the country that is being foreshadowed as the weapon that will finally be able to defeat Kiado, leader of the Beast Pirates. Kaido, with the ability to transform into a larger than life dragon, has been considered invincible throughout his time as a pirate sailing the Grand Line, though it was revealed the Shogun within Wano Country, Oden, was able to give him a scar that was never able to heal.

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