One Piece Sets Up Zoro for a Solo Quest

If there is a singular truth in One Piece, it is that Zoro is going to get lost. The man may be venturing to become the world's greatest swordsman but that doesn't mean his navigation skills are all that hot. In fact, it looks like the latest chapter of One Piece doubled down on that fate when Zoro went out on a mission... which he is going to get lost on.

The whole ordeal went down when chapter 979 went live. The update began with a check-in on Orochi's men but quickly segued into a visit with the Straw Hat crew. The gang are beginning to make their way into Onigashima at last, but Jimbei caught most of his crew members off guard when he said Zoro went to run after their captain.

According to the newest member of the crew, Luffy went charging after Eustass and his crew after the later refused to wait for Kin'emon and his plan. That forced the Straw Hat pirate to go after his former foe, and Zoro knew it was not going to help. That is what Luffy's right-hand man went chasing after him... and the crew knows Zoro is doomed now.

one piece zoro

"He's only going to get lost," they all cry out after Jimbei tells him the story.

Of course, the helmsman had no idea that was going to happen. He may know a lot about the Straw Hat crew, but things are different now that he is a part of it. He has to learn the quirks of each pirate, and Zoro's oddity is that he will get lost at the slightest nudge. Him going after Luffy on his own can only spell disaster, and we all know it.


Now, the question remains of what Zoro is about to get up to. Onigashima is crawling with enemies, and Luffy has come close to being found out as is. Zoro is even more conspicuous given his green hair and scars. The swordsman needs to stay away from crowds for the time being, but his diversion could work out. He could meet Kaido's son who has run away from his father, and such a discovery could work in favor for the rebels if Zoro plays his cards right.

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