One Piece's New Opening Teases Ace, Sabo Returns

One Piece's new opening has fans of the Straw Hat Pirates abuzz as the events of Wano Country are [...]

One Piece's new opening has fans of the Straw Hat Pirates abuzz as the events of Wano Country are hinted at, and with it comes some big hints as to the return of Ace and Sabo, the brothers of Luffy, into the upcoming episodes. Though we don't foresee Ace returning from the grave at any point soon, Wano has already shown us the flame wielding pirate's history with the isolated nation and with Sabo presumably still alive out in the world of the Grand Line, he definitely might have a role to play within the latest story line!

During the Wano Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates have landed in the isolated nation to reunite with their swordsman in the form of Roronoa Zoro, learning more about the plight that the country has gone through during its history. With Luffy and company learning of the prolific figure known as Kozuki Oden and his dream of opening up the borders of his homeland to the world, the Straw Hat Pirates are having to deal with the combined forces of the evil Shogun known as Orochi and the Beast Pirates led by the powerful swashbuckler known as Kaido.

One Piece Ace Sabo Returns Anime Opening
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Luffy is drawn to the story of Oden and his quest to liberate the nation, but has already lost in a one on one fight against the dragon form of Kaido, which appears to be completely invincible. Though the fight for Wano's soul is far from over, the Straw Hat Pirates are definitely going to need some backup when it comes to what might be one of the most action packed sagas to date.

In the manga currently, which is far ahead of the events taking place in the anime, Luffy and his crew mates are bringing the war directly to Kaido, alongside the rebels of Wano and some of the most powerful members of the "Worst Generation". Though the current status of Sabo is still up in the air, some recent news about the brother of Luffy definitely brought the world of the Grand Line to a standstill. Needless to say, fans that have only been following One Piece via the anime are in for some big surprises within Wano Country.

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