One Piece Debuts New Opening and Its Absolute Fire

When One Piece decides to do something, it doesn't do it halfway. The anime has been busy bringing its Wano Country arc to life, and the team has been preparing an opening that matches the epic story. Now, that opening has gone live, and it might be one of the anime's best in a long time.

The brand-new opening went live this weekend ahead of the latest One Piece episode. The anime dropped its 23rd opening after plenty of waiting, but fans will be the first to admit it was worth the wait. Even the most elite otaku say they are impressed by this opening's animation, so the show's team deserves a major round of applause.

You can watch the opening above as it begins with Monkey D. Luffy wearing a cloak and powering up his armament Haki. The clip goes on to showcase the rest of the Straw Hats before Kozuki Oden and other Wano heroes are shown.

one piece opening 23
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The One Piece opening is brilliant in its pacing, and manga readers will immediately recognize some big spoilers that anime-only fans have no idea of yet. Each scene transitions seamlessly as fans get a short recap of the arc's most recent events, but things get tense when Big Mom shows up.

What follows is a big fight sequence featuring the Straw Hats. Sanji and Zoro team up before Luffy challenges Kaido once more. The Yonko is in his dragon form, but Luffy looks nonplussed as he unlocks a new level of armament Haki that glows brightly before exploding against Kaido on impact.


As you can imagine, this action-packed opening has garnered plenty of One Piece fans online, and it has got netizens hyped for the Wano arc's next phase. After all, if a reel like this doesn't hype you up... then nothing will.

What do you make of One Piece's latest opening? Where does it rank on your list of favorites from the anime? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!