One-Punch Man Cosplay Ignites With Genos

One-Punch Man's second season ended on something of a cliffhanger with the Monster Association [...]

One-Punch Man's second season ended on something of a cliffhanger with the Monster Association still making big moves to take down the surface world, and while a third season of the anime has yet to be confirmed, it's clear that the franchise has left an impression on fans as one cosplayer has shared an amazing take on the cybernetic powerhouse Genos. Though Genos still has an extremely long way to go before he meets the same levels of power as his mentor Saitama, he is able to dish out some serious damage against monsters and villains alike.

Genos has easily earned his place as an S-Rank hero, giving his limbs and life time and time again in attempting to eliminate the monsters of the world. When Genos first appeared battling against the Mosquito Queen, he had a number of his limbs torn from his body but was luckily saved thanks to the insane power of Saitama who unleashed a single punch against the monster, splattering her against the side of a building. With each defeat, Genos will normally be rebuilt even stronger than before, so rather than having to train his body to be a contender to Saitama, he has to add new mechanical systems to his body in the future.

Instagram Cosplayer Nitsvetov shared this insanely impressive Genos cosplay that incorporates clever lighting and computer graphics to make the fan of One-Punch Man look exactly like the cybernetic hero that has found himself a student to the flippant hero known as Saitama:

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The One-Punch Man anime has recently seen some controversy thanks to the switching of studios from Madhouse in the first season and JC Staff for its second. With many fans believing that the franchise saw a dip in quality with the new studio, it's unclear as to whether to not a new studio will be brought in for season three, if it even happens when all is said and done.

The story of the franchise continues with the manga still running to this day, and even Sony Pictures is looking to get in on the superhero action with a live-action adaptation in the works.

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