One-Punch Man Creator Inks Fall-Friendly Sketch of Saitama and Genos

As fans wait for any news regarding a third season of the popular anime franchise that is One-Punch Man, the creator of the series, named ONE, has unleashed a brand new piece of art that imagines Saitama and his cyborg student in Genos celebrating the arrival of the fall by starting a fire deep in the heart of the nearby woods. While these two professional heroes are battling against the nefarious forces of the Monster Association, Saitama's strength is so insane that he can easily take a breather and not worry about a stronger opponent coming his way.

First debuting from the animation studio known as Madhouse, the One-Punch Man anime helped elevate the anime franchise to new heights of popularity. With the release of the second season of the anime, a new animation studio in JC Staff took the helm of the series and caused controversy with many fans believing that the new style wasn't able to live up to the high standards that were created by Madhouse. While we're still unsure whether or not a third season will be confirmed, the end of the season season was definitely a cliffhanger and we're crossing our fingers that we will eventually get confirmation of the return of Saitama, Genos, and the rest of the Hero Association down the road.

ONE shared this unique drawing via his social media account, painting a picture of Saitama and his student taking a break in the woods and enjoying the fall season that they often don't get the chance to revel in as a result of their constant battles against monsters and super villains:

One of the most recognizable sequences in the first season of One-Punch Man was the battle between Saitama and Genos, with the cyborg crime fighter attempting to discover just how powerful his sensei was. The insane fight became one of the biggest in the world of anime, with the One-Punch Man easily dodging everything that the robotic hero had to offer. Though Genos hasn't come close to surpassing the power of Saitama, he definitely has had his fair share of victories when battling the evils of the world.

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