New One-Punch Man Cover Highlights Garou's Strongest Form

One-Punch Man is missing in action when it comes to its anime adaptation, with no word on whether or not Saitama, the hero for fun who also is the titular protagonist of the series, will be returning for the third season of its television series. With the manga continuing to tell the story of our heroes created by mangaka ONE fighting against the Monster Association, so to are we given new moments for the hero killer known as Garou, with the next manga cover giving us a fresh look at the villain's ultimate form.

Garou has certainly been defeated by Saitama more than once, with the former student of Bang looking to eliminate heroes while also finding himself accepted into the Monster Association. While Garou remains something of an anti-hero at this point, sometimes vying to save innocent people that might have been swept up in his battles, his new form has granted him a terrifying look and might make him the first opponent that is able to truly give Saitama a run for his money. With One-Punch Man continuing to search for an opponent that will be able to give him a run for his money, it will be interesting to see if the hero killer is able to put a dent in the hero for fun's resume of victories.

Twitter User Manga Mogura RE shared the new manga cover that sees Garou looking as if he is housing the universe within his very being, proving that the martial artist has moved far from simply being a hero killer into a threat to the universe at large who might actually be able to survive a punch from Saitama:

One-Punch Man is set to receive a live-action adaptation from Sony Pictures, with the director of many of the Fast & Furious movies, Justin Li, climbing aboard to help in telling a new story that follows Saitama. While casting has yet to be announced for the film, it would certainly be interesting to see if Garou will play a role and what Hollywood actor could possibly portray the hero killer. 

What do you think of Garou's new transformation? Do you think the villain will actually manage to put a scratch on Saitama at this point in the game? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of One-Punch Man