Guillermo del Toro Addresses a Possible Pacific Rim Return

Pacific Rim remains one of Hollywood's most ambitious takes on kaiju rumbling, but little has been [...]

Pacific Rim remains one of Hollywood's most ambitious takes on kaiju rumbling, but little has been heard from the series since its second film earned mixed reviews at the box office. Despite his separation from the sequel, director Guillermo del Toro seems to look back at his time on Pacific Rim with plenty of love. In fact, it seems Toro still has ideas for where Pacific Rim could go in the future, but don't expect the director to show up for a third movie.

The whole conversation began when Toro hit up Twitter following the debut of Godzilla vs Kong's trailer. It was there the director shared what his vision for a Pacific Rim and Godzilla crossover would look like.

"I personally love seeing the Neon, Sea battles, building demolition, etc because secretly -maybe- the PAC RIM Universe co-exists in the LEGENDARY Kaijuverse and, perhaps, one day they can rumble," Toro said.

Of course, the comment prompted plenty of chatter about whether Toro would care to head up such a sequel. It didn't take long for the filmmaker to register the talk, so Toro put out a statement calming talk of a sequel. "Talking only as a fan BTW - NO plans to return," he added.

So, there you have it. Toro has no plans to revisit the Pacific Rim franchise. The live-action series has no plans for a third installment, but Pacific Rim isn't dead by far. The franchise has an anime planned which will hit Netflix before long, and the fandom surrounding the sci-fi franchise is as loyal as ever. As for Toro, the director is still on a high from his Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water. The director is currently overseeing projects such as Pinocchio and Nightmare Alley as both films are expected to debut in 2021.

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