Pacific Rim to Launch Theme Park Attraction

Pacific Rim has kept quiet ever since its sequel went live in theaters, but the franchise has not been left behind. Recently, Legendary Entertainment confirmed its continued interest in the IP when reports confirmed a theme park ride will adapt Pacific Rim shortly.

According to License Global, the studio behind the film will launch a Pacific Rim ride in Indonesia at the Trans Studio Cibubur theme park.

"The upcoming Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike ride, the first Pacific Rim dark ride set to debut at the Trans Studio Cibubur theme park in Jakarta, Indonesia," the report reads.

According to the release, Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike will take fans on a 20-minute ride consisting of four parts. Attendees will get to experience the thrills of piloting a Jaeger mech thanks to the use of 3D film, practical effects, and state-of-the-art ride vehicles.

The ride will give fans a chance to learn more about Pacific Rim and exclusive expanded mythology behind the franchise. In fact, new Jaegers and Kaiju will be used in the ride with Legendary Entertainment closely overseeing this all-new additions.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Trans Studio on the world's first Pacific Rim dark ride," Drew Von Bergen, manager, franchise management of Legendary Entertainment, said.

"Their commitment to both creative ambition and quality of execution has made for an experience that we believe will thrill and delight parkgoers."


While the live-action future of Pacific Rim remains unclear, the franchise will return to the screen before long. Legendary has teamed up with Netflix to create an anime for the series. Few details have been released about the long-awaited project, but fans did learn recently the show's first season will go live in 2020 before a second season follows at a yet-released date.

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