One Pokemon Fan Predicted Slowbro's Galarian Design Awhile Back

Pokemon has launched a solid comeback this year despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, and much of that is thanks to fans. As netizens show more support for the franchise, Pokemon has responded with a new anime, a short series, and a full-blown DLC tease. Now, fans are just a week away from that DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield going live, but one fan predicted its newest Pokemon awhile back.

And yes, that means the fan predicted Slowbro getting a gun. After a round a data leaks went live on social media, a determined bunch of fans was sure Slowbro would get a Galarian form in this upcoming DLC pack, and the Reddit artist FunHaversClub nailed the design before it was even released.

As it turns out, the artist posted their own take on Slowbro nearly a week before The Pokemon Company sent their official look to the public. Sure, it was tipped off by some public data leaks, but there are plenty of ways Slowbro could have looked. Even if you knew the Pokemon would have a gun of sorts, there is lots of room for exploration, but this Reddit user nailed it in one.

I WAS SO CLOSE LOL. I'm just happy we got the arm cannon! from r/pokemon

Despite a few color issues, the Galarian Slowbro by FunHaversClub and The Pokemon Company are hard to tell apart. It is no surprise that fans are applauding the artist on the solid guess, and they are curious if the user can predict any other forms. After all, Pokemon Sword and Shield has yet another DLC planned for later this year, and the anime could always use some help when it comes to character designs!

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