Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Team Rocket's Vacation

The latest season of Pokemon, titled Pokemon Journeys here in the West, follows Ash and his new [...]

The latest season of Pokemon, titled Pokemon Journeys here in the West, follows Ash and his new friend Go as they attempt to add stronger pocket monsters to their rosters and during their quest, they've run into the nefarious Team Rocket that have returned with stronger monsters of their own and the latest promo for the series hints at a big vacation for Jesse, James, and Meowth. With new technology at their beck and call that allows them to access some of the strongest creatures in the world, Team Rocket has reached a new level of power but that didn't change their goofy personalities!

Team Rocket has been as much of a mainstay of the Pokemon Series as Ash Ketchum has, trying to steal as many pocket monsters as they can while also attempting to swipe Ash's valued Pikachu. Jesse, James, and Meowth aren't successful in their endeavors nine times out of ten, but their efforts are certainly appreciated by fans as they bring a new level of humor to the anime. Following their recent attempts at stealing more pocket monsters for their organization, it's clear that they could use a vacation from their efforts. The previous season, that focused on the Alola League Tournament, saw Jesse and James as a part of the tournament itself, showing off their strengths as trainers themselves!

Twitter User KianaMaiArt shared these images from the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys that shows Team Rocket in a very different position from what we normally see, even featuring the trio apparently helping out Ash and Go as they struggle with what appears to be a gigantic Magikarp:

Fans are happy to see the return of the latest season of Pokemon, having been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, that will continue following Ash as he makes his way toward, prospectively, defeating Leon of the Galar Region who currently is champion of that land. Though we doubt that Jesse and James are going to renounce Team Rocket any time soon, even following their team up with our two protagonists, we imagine that we'll be getting a light hearted romp with the bizarre cooperation effort!

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