Pokemon Art Imagines Goku's Perfect Partner

In the world of anime supremacy, Dragon Ball and Pokemon are certainly two of the most popular [...]

In the world of anime supremacy, Dragon Ball and Pokemon are certainly two of the most popular franchises created in the past few decades, with the former focusing on Saiyan combat while the latter focuses on the battles of pocket monsters, but one fan artist has been able to unite the two worlds by creating a seemingly perfect partner for Son Goku. In creating variants for the monkey-like Pokemon known as Chimchar, the electric type variant of this potential pocket monster makes it seem as if the primate has gone Super Saiyan with the proper hair to match.

Pokemon has continued its anime with the recent season, titled Pokemon Journeys in North America, that follows Ash after his first major Pokemon League win within the Alola Region. While Dragon Ball Super has gone on hiatus for a few years following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power arc, the manga has continued to run by taking readers through the story of the Moro Arc, and most recently, introducing an intergalactic bounty hunter known as Granolah. The battles of each anime are some of the most viewed and discussed fights within the medium of anime and we fully expect that to remain the case in the future.

Twitter Artist Kaijumon shared these impressive variants on Chimchar, the monkey pocket monster that was introduced within the fourth generation of the long-running franchise via the video games of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which will be receiving remakes on the Nintendo Switch:

Goku has surpassed an amazing hurdle within the manga, having finally managed to master the power of Ultra Instinct, though we doubt that this means that the Saiyan warrior will stop accessing the power of Super Saiyan any time soon. As viewers witnessed during the Tournament of Power Arc, the higher levels of Super Saiyan that Goku had at his disposal would eat away at his stamina, meaning that transforming into the first level of Super Saiyan might not net him the power of Ultra Instinct, but may be beneficial in certain situations.

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