Pokemon Has Debuted Its Most Horrific Villain Yet

There is no denying that Pokemon is a kid's series, but its juvenile roots don't keep the franchise from exploring dark themes. If you peel back its video games and anime, there are some seriously dark things to explore if you take the time. Obviously, Pokemon's villains bring most of these problems to the surface, and it seems the anime just turned things up a notch. After all, its new villain is downright monstrous, and fans are thinking he might be the worst when it comes to Pokemon

The man is introduced in Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. The film, which made its U.S. debut on Netflix last week, has fans buzzing all thanks to its villain. After all, Doctor Zed is a monstrous man, and it is not just because of his war against nature.

If you have seen the movie, well - you will know why Zed is such a monster. Well before the movie began, fans learn that Doctor Zed worked at the Biotope Company with his close friends Chrom and Phossa. The latter couple was working hard despite just having welcomed their first child, and they hit success with Zed after locating some mystical healing water. Of course, Zed wanted to take all the water for himself to get rich, but Biotope Company pulled the project once his friends explained the water was sacred to the Pokemon.

Enraged by the slight, Zed suffers a mental break, and he does the most drastic thing imaginable. The doctor intentionally follows Chrom and Phossa home in his car while they ferry their infant son around. Zed then chases the couple off the road on purpose to steal their water sample and knowingly leaves the pair to die from their injuries. The doctor also believed their son died in the crash, but as the movie explains, the boy grew up to be Koko once Dada Zarude came upon the abandoned infant.

Clearly, Zed is out of his mind, and he never felt guilt over killing his friends. He didn't even feel bad believing he killed their baby boy, so that is pretty gnarly. This is all even overlooking his mission to deforest the Okoya preserve even if it means killing all the Pokemon in it. There is no doubt Doctor Zed is psycho, and Pokemon fans believe he has dethroned Ghetsis and Cyrus to become the franchise's most evil villain.

What do you think about Zed and his arrival to the Pokemon Universe? Do you think he's as cold-blooded as fans say? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.