Pokemon Thief Nabs 2.2 Million Yen in Trading Cards

Most things are more expensive these days, and that truth definitely applies to Pokemon. From clothes to decor and beyond, Pokemon commands more cash than ever. This is especially true for the trading card scene as secondhand retailers are pricing Pokemon cards at wild heights. In recent years, these prices have made Pokemon collecting incredibly competitive, and now one store has been robbed of more than 2.2 million yen in cards.

Yeah, that is right. A hobby shop in Tokyo had more than 2.2 million yen in cards stolen, and police suspect a young company worker is to blame.

According to NHK, a 25-year-old man was taken into custody on suspicion of stealing 2.2 million yen in cards which equals nearly $16,000 USD. The card store, which was located in Fujiyoshida City, said a number of its cards were taken including one worth more than $1,200 alone.

Currently, authorities believe the suspect came to the card store at 1:00 am local time and total 74 cards total. When the shop opened that morning, the workers noticed their stock was in disarray. Photos were posted to social media of the scene which showed broken display cases. Thanks to security footage, police were able to apprehend the suspect quickly, and the 25-year-old admitted to stealing the Pokemon cards.

What's more is that the suspect admitted they were also targeting other stores. The suspect had taken trading cards from other stores around Tokyo, and this led police to seize a "large quantity of Pokemon cards" from the man's home. At this point, no other robberies have been linked to the suspect, but police are now looking into other open investigations in the area for connections.

As you can imagine, this arrest is just one of many in recent years linked to Pokemon cards. The United States has had its own incidents ranging from Pokemon-related gun violence and shoplifting. During the height of Pokemon's 2021 frenzy, many stores like Target and Walmart were forced to carry card packs behind counters due to rampant theft. And as it turns out, trading card theft is still a concern for collectors to this day.

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