This Pokemon Donut Is Going Viral Thanks to Pikachu's Deformed Face

There are few things better in this world than Pokemon, and that goes doubly so when the franchise is turned into desserts. Over the years, fans have found creative ways to turn their favorite Pokemon into cute candies and sweets. In fact, there are several brands in Japan that sell cute Pokemon pastries, but one of them has gone viral for the worst reason.

Well, maybe not the worst. We can certainly say for the funniest reason though. After all, Mister Donut made headlines when it began selling Pikachu-shaped donuts, but one of their sweets has gone viral for looking a little less than perfect.

The story was reported by Sora News which found the viral post on Twitter. The photo comes from a fan in Taiwan who wanted to try one of the donuts after the Pikachu pastries started selling outside of Japan. The user 1007hiro was all excited for their donut... until they got home and realized how badly it was mangled.

The Pokemon donut did not come like this from the store if you were wondering. It turns out the misshapen face on Pikachu was made during transportation. As you can see above, the user says they carried home the sweet in nearly 97-degree heat, and that did not sit well with Pikachu. In fact, it seems Taiwan's capital was nearly 115 degrees that day, and Pikachu decided they had had enough of the weather.


This hilarious tweet shows what can go wrong when you transport meltable sweets. Pikachu has figured that out as well as 1007hiro... but maybe Mister Donut can find a heat-resistance recipe if it made donuts out of Charmander!

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