Pokemon Takes to the Sky With Epic Drone Show: Watch

Pokemon took to the skies in China this month with a gorgeous drone show for fans.

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and in that time, the series has adopted all kinds of trends. Technology has pushed Pokemon to the limits time and again with its games, but the same can be said for its other projects. After all, Pokemon is the kind of series that does it all, and now the IP is going viral for hosting an epic drone show in China.

Not long ago, locals in Shenzhen, China were treated to a special gift courtesy of The Pokemon Company. It was there the brand hosted a drone show that brought its monsters to the sky. As you can see below, the gorgeous show brought all of our favorite monsters to life, and The Pokemon Company scheduled the show as part of a bigger celebration.

After all, the Nanshan district of Shenzhen played host to the drone show all because of a TCG tournament. The trading card branch of Pokemon had an event scheduled in Bao'an, a nearby district in the area. Bilibili and Weibo worked with The Pokemon Company to cook up the drone show in celebration of the card tournament. And clearly, the work was well worth it!

Of course, this is not the first time Pokemon has bothered with drone technology. The brand earned headlines earlier this year when an official Pokemon drone show launched in Japan. At the end of the Pokemon World Championships in Yokohama, visitors were gifted a drone show to celebrate the big event. Now, it seems Pokemon's epic drone show is going global, and netizens are eager for The Pokemon Company to bring it their way.

So far, there is no word on when and where this drone show will pop up next. The Pokemon Company is pretty busy, after all. The organization just launched its first DLC package for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With tons of projects on the table, The Pokemon Company is busy as a default, but hopefully, it will find a venue to send this drone show stateside!


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