Pokemon Takes Over Shanghai with Electrifying Billboards

Pokemon has always had plenty of electric pocket monsters that have unleashed some jolting attacks [...]

Pokemon has always had plenty of electric pocket monsters that have unleashed some jolting attacks over the years, but the anime franchise has recently hit the city of Shanghai with some seriously impressive billboards to help promote the arrival of Pokemon Quest. Incorporating 700,000 LED lights across the skyline of the city, we doubt there is a denizen of Shanghai who won't know about the arrival of the free to play Pokemon game that looks like a combination of the classic video game series and the worldwide blockbuster game of Minecraft that allows players to build worlds of their own.

Though Ash Ketchum's quest to become one of the greatest trainers in the world of Pokemon has continued for decades and has seen him capture and change out his roster multiple times, Pikachu has remained by his side throughout it all. The electric yellow rodent has long been the right-hand man to Ash and doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, with Ketchum choosing him as the first starter Pokemon to get his journey started. Easily the most popular Electric-Type Pokemon in the history of the franchise, it's definitely no surprise that Pikachu remains front and center when it comes to video games such as Pokemon Quest.

Twitter User Daniel Ahmad shared this impressive video clip that shares the electric billboards in Shanghai that are helping to promote the upcoming release of Pokemon Quest in the city, using an insane amount of LEDs in order to get their message across:

The latest season of the anime series, Pokemon Journeys, focuses on Ash and Pikachu journeying across a number of regions in a bid to amplify the strength of their team and challenge the trainers of the Galar Region, as well as the land's champion in Leon. With the latest episodes seeing Ash having a number of reunions, as well as battle against his former traveling companion in Iris, it's clear that Ketchum's power as a trainer is only going to increase.

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