Pokemon: Gary Voice Actor Breaks Silence on Comeback

The voice behind Gary Oak has broken their silence on coming back for Pokemon Journeys: The [...]

The voice behind Gary Oak has broken their silence on coming back for Pokemon Journeys: The Series! With the third opening theme sequence for the anime's run in Japan revealing that not only would we see Iris return to the series, but Ash's biggest rival Gary as well, there was a ton of excitement to see when that debut would actually happen. It was then confirmed that Gary would be coming back as part of the upcoming Project Mew arc, which takes Ash and Goh on a mission in the Crown Tundra.

It's yet to be revealed exactly which episode Gary will be making a comeback for, but Yuko Kobayashi, the actress behind the famous rival has broken her silence about coming back for Pokemon Journeys: The Series after 12 long years of being away! So that also means it's time to really get hyped for when Gary will officially make his return to the anime as Kobayashi revealed she is just as excited for her return as fans are:

Kobayashi's statement (as translated by @DogasusBackpack on Twitter) begins as such, "It's been about 12 years since [Gary's] appeared in the TV series and I've been waiting just as excitedly for his return as you all have! I felt really nervous the moment I stepped into the studio to play [Gary] again after so long, but then when I heard that good old [Ash] voice my old friend [Gary] naturally made his way back to me."

Kobayashi ended her statement with a tease about the Gary we'll see in the new series, "[Gary's] always had this cynical air about him, but this time around I wanted to see if I could give you something else to like about him. I hope you'll pay attention to how [Gary's] filled with passion, heading straight for his goals."

What do you think? Are you excited for Gary to return to the Pokemon anime after all this time? What are you hoping to see with his return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!