This Pokemon Plush of Gengar Has Gone Viral for Its Super-Soft Reviews

Gengar has taken center stage in the latest season of Pokemon's anime, thanks in part to Ash [...]

Gengar has taken center stage in the latest season of Pokemon's anime, thanks in part to Ash Ketchum finally being able to add one to his ever growing roster of pocket monsters, and a plush toy of the ghost-type creature has been getting some viral reviews thanks in part to a situation that involved an earthquake! Gengar itself isn't exactly one of the cuddliest Pokemon that has appeared during the franchise's run, but that didn't stop one fan from snuggling up against the plush recreation to help sway their nerves during a decidedly tough scenario.

In the latest season of Pokemon, which Netflix will be bringing to North America as Pokemon Journeys, Ash and his new friend Go are looking to take the world by storm and become the greatest pocket monster trainers ever seen. Like so many other members of Ketchum's team, Ash didn't simply capture his Gengar out in the wild but rather had developed a relationship with the powerful monster as they both fought against Team Rocket. As we learned more about this Gengar's past, it became clear that Ash was the perfect trainer to bring the ghost type Pokemon back into the light of day while also bolstering Ketchum's chances of eventually defeating Galar Region's current champion in Leon!

Pokemon Center Reviews shared this adorable review of the Gengar plush toy that went viral thanks in part to one reviewer's story that saw their significant other holding the ghost type Pokemon close as an earthquake was causing some unneeded stress:

On top of Gengar, Ash has his trust Pikachu standing beside him, to say nothing of the likes of Mr. Mime and Dragonite. Following his big win at the Alola League Tournament, Ketchum has been travelling the world and putting together what might be the most powerful combination of monsters that he has ever seen. Gengar itself might not be the "cuddliest" pocket monster around, but it is certainly powerful and remains one of the strongest ghost type creatures that roam the shadows of the world of Pokemon trainers.

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