Pokemon to Release Gengar Gunpla-Like Model

One of the biggest pocket monsters in the latest installments of Pokemon's anime is definitely the ghost type creature known as Gengar, and it looks as if the latest addition to Ash Ketchum's roster if getting a plastic model that reminds us of the numerous Gundam plastic models that have been released over the decades. With Gunplas being a hot ticket item for fans who are looking to pass the time during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we're certain that there will be more than a few Pokemon fans who will look to do the same with this upcoming figure!

As mentioned earlier, Ash has recently captured the powerful spirit Pokemon known as Gengar, a strong addition to his library of pocket monsters in the newest season of the anime. With Ketchum capturing the likes of both this shadowy creature as well as the larger than life Dragonite, it's clear that this latest season isn't pulling any punches in pushing Ash further on his journey to becoming one of the greatest Pokemon trainers that the world has ever seen! With Go catching powerful pocket monsters of his own, it seems as if the pair are becoming more of a threat with each passing episode!

The Twitter Account for The Big Bad Toy Store shared the details for the upcoming Pokemon plastic model that fans will be able to assemble later this year, September 2020, for a price that won't be breaking the bank at $12.99 USD for audiences looking to pass the time:

Gengar was one of the original Pokemon to appear in the first generation, being a part of the main roster that first turned up in Pokemon: Red and Pokemon: Blue! Ash being able to capture one proves how powerful his roster is becoming and how much of a force he will be against his opponents. With the latest season of the anime pushing for Ash to battle against the current champion of Galar, Leon, who was such a big part of Pokemon: Sword and Shield. With the spinoff series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings further exploring this new region, Ash becoming the champion after his victory in Alola would be absolutely huge for the character!


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