Pokemon Journeys Sets a Month-Long Hiatus Ahead of New Year

Pokemon Journeys has enjoyed a packed year of content, but things are winding down with Ash in [...]

Pokemon Journeys has enjoyed a packed year of content, but things are winding down with Ash in light of the holidays. The hero is looking to give Pikachu a vacation for the season, and fans have learned how long Ash will be out of sight thanks to an upcoming hiatus. A new synopsis spilled the beans this week, so Pokemon fans can begin bracing themselves for a long hiatus.

The information comes courtesy of the blurb regarding Pokemon Journeys episode 50. The promo went live this week, and it was there fans learned all about the throwback episode. It was also there fans discovered the show will debut on January 8 which is 28 days after the release of Pokemon Journeys episode 49.

Pokemon Journeys Ash Pikachu Reaction
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

After all, the next episode of Pokemon Journeys is set to debut on December 11 in Japan. The episode has already warned fans it will bring Eevee back into the picture as Koharu steps into a new story. In fact, many fans are hoping this upcoming release signals the girl's inclusion as a legit companion to Ash and Goh. After all, the girl has been moving in that direction for months now, but nothing has yet to materialize between the three trainers.

But once Koharu and Eevee meet on December 11, there will be no new episodes of Pokemon Journeys for 28 days. This hiatus will last the length of a full February month, but fans will at least be treated to a fun comeback episode. After all, episode 50 will see the trio explore more fossil Pokemon, and the trainers will discover what can happen when you combine relics that don't belong.

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