Pokemon Journeys Releases New Episodes on Netflix

Netflix has just added 12 more episodes of Pokemon Journeys. The third set of episodes, which comprise of episodes 25-36, can now be viewed on Netflix starting today, just a few months after they originally aired in Japan. The episodes continue the journey of Ash Ketchum, who is now working as a laboratory researcher in Vermillion City. He's joined by the new character Goh, who is on his own quest to collect one of every Pokemon species including the Mythical Pokemon Mew. The episodes include a hotly anticipated matchup between Ash and his friend (and Kalos gym leader) Korrina, a major fight between Ash and Pikachu, and both Ash and Goh adding new Pokemon to their core teams. A preview clip for the new episodes can be viewed above.

Pokemon Journeys has served as a soft reboot of sorts for the long-running Pokemon anime series. While previous seasons featured Ash traveling to a specific region and climbing through the ranks of that region's Pokemon League, the new series takes a more global approach. Ash and Goh have travelled to multiple regions during the series, and the series acknowledges Ash's experience as a champion Pokemon trainer while putting him on a collision course with the #1 rated Pokemon trainer in the world - Leon. Many characters from past series have made appearances in Pokemon Journeys, including gym leaders like Lt. Surge and Lance. Because of the series' popularity, Pokemon Journeys was moved to a prime timeslot on Japanese television.


You can watch the dubbed episodes on Netflix now, along with the first two "parts" of the series. Netflix releases new episodes of Pokemon Journeys every three months, although COVID-19 related delays might impact future releases.