New Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases Dracovish's Debut

When it comes to Pokemon Journeys, fans have met a lot of creatures from Galar as is. The region is filled with tons of new Pokemon as we all saw in the franchise's eighth generation. These days, Ash and Goh are doing their best to meet these newcomers, and it seems one powerhouse Pokemon is about to debut. After all, Galarian fossils are too good to pass up, and Ash will learn that after he sees what comes from such digs.

Recently, a brand-new promo for Pokemon Journeys went out, and it was for episode 50. The update included the episode's title and synopsis for fans to look over. And as you can tell by the name alone, "Galar Fossils! Stick 'Em Together!!" is ready to bring Dracovish to the world.

"Ash, Goh, and Chloe have been sent by the curator of the Museum of Science to research rare fossils. They work with local researchers to dig up all kinds of fossils, but...," the synopsis reads.

If you know anything about Galar fossils, you will know that Pokemon Sword and Shield gives you the ability to combine the pieces into an actual monster. Cara Liss on Route 6 will do the deed for you so long as your have dug up at least two combinable fossils. Dracovish is one of the Pokemon you can combine into existence, so fans are eager to see how Ash will react when this fossil Pokemon comes to life right before his very eyes. And of course, whether Goh will try to make his own fossil monster before all is said and done.


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