Pokemon Journeys Confirms Cynthia's Comeback

Pokemon Journeys hasn't just taken the opportunity to strengthen Ash's resolve and roster of Pokemon that have helped him ascend to new heights as a trainer, but it's also been diving into the anime's past by bringing back some major characters and pocket monsters. With the latest season continuing to follow the journey of Ash Ketchum and his friend Goh, it seems that another major trainer from Ash's past is set to make a grand return in the form of Cynthia, one of the strongest trainers in Pokemon Diamond And Pearl and Pokemon Black & White

Debuting in the episode of Pokemon The Series: Diamond And Pearl, Cynthia would rely on the strength of her trusty Garchomp to help her through some difficult battles. Encountering both Ash and his rival, Paul, during the days of Diamond And Pearl, Cynthia isn't so much an adversary as a teacher to the two young trainers, attempting to give them hints as to how they can better raise their respective pocket monsters, while also giving them a rundown of some Pokemon history to help them learn more about their partners when it comes to Pokemon battles.

Twitter Outlet Anipoke Fandom shared this preview blurb that confirms the return of Cynthia and her Garchomp in an October episode of Pokemon Journeys, proving that any character from Ash's past has the potential to make a return in this latest season as Ketchum attempts to defeat the trainers of the Galar Region:

Pokemon Journeys has done a great job of exploring Ash's life following his first Pokemon Tournament victory as a part of the Alola League, with the trainer going on a world tour to bolster his roster while learning to become a better trainer overall. With recent episodes seeing the return of characters like Gary Oak, Mewtwo, and Iris to name a few, it will definitely be interesting to see what other surprises are in store for Ash and Goh moving forward. With the series making a big return to Netflix in North America earlier this year, it seems as though Ash still has a long way to go before beating Leon.


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