Pokemon Journeys Preview Teases Ash and Bea's Big Rematch

Pokemon Journeys is teasing a big Ultra Class rematch between Ash and Bea with the preview for its next episode! Ash is continuing to climb his way through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and his opponents in the Ultra Class have been tougher than ever. But there have a few that Ash has battled throughout the earlier ranks that were just as tough as well, and the biggest one of these early rivals was the Stow on Side Gym Leader Bea, who had defeated Ash pretty quickly in their first battle against one another. 

Ash managed to defeat Bea in their rematch, and the two of them then went their separate ways as they continued to make their way through the World Coronation Series. But the end of the most recent episode had revealed that Ash's next opponent in the Ultra Class was actually Bea, and so Ash has to face one of his toughest rivals in their most important battle yet. This time, the two of them are bringing some major advantages to the battle that will surely make it a third and final match. Check out the preview for the episode below: 

Episode 85 of Pokemon Journeys is titled "The Rival Showdown! [Ash vs. Bea]!" and the synopsis teases their rematch as such, "[Ash] is going to battle [Bea], a rival he's already had two fierce matches with before, in the [World Coronation Series]. When he goes with [Goh] to the Lateral Stadium where the match is going to be held, they suddenly run into [Bea] there. She and [Ash] are both really enthused about the next day's battle and introduce each other to their Pokemon. It's now time for [an Ultra Class] battle between [Ash], equipped with a Mega Glove, and [Bea], equipped with a [Dynamax Band], to begin."

With this third and likely final battle between the two of them meaning that only one of them will continue making their way up through the Ultra Class and on their way to the Master Class, the two of them will be pulling out all the stops. With the battle taking place in Galar, Bea will not only have access to her Dynamax abilities but thankfully Ash has brought along some Lucarionite to help Lucario survive the match as well. But what do you think? Excited to see Ash and Bea's next battle? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!