Pokemon Confirms Winner of Diantha vs. Lance Battle

Pokemon Journeys has kicked off the second match of the Masters Tournament, and with it has crowned the winner between Lance and Diantha in their big quarterfinals match up between champions! Ash Ketchum might have been spending this new anime iteration working his way through the World Coronation Series, and now he's seeing the fruits of his labor as the eight top trainers in the world do battle to figure out the ultimate champion. With Leon and Alain having their battle in the previous episode, the quarterfinals continue with the battle between Kanto and Johto's champion against Kalos' champion.

Pokemon Journeys has finally returned with the second battle of the quarterfinals of the Masters Tournament, and Lance and Diantha had just as fierce of a 3 vs. 3 battle as fans would expect for them to have. Despite the advantages each trainer brought to the table in terms of strength, Diantha ended up securing the tight victory against Lance with some key strategies and weakness exploitation that ultimately led Lance to his downfall. It also helped that Diantha had Mega Gardevoir and powerful Fairy type attacks on her side: 

Episode 116 kicked off Diantha and Lance's match in full, and Lance's team of choice consisted of Dragonite, the fan favorite Red Gyarados, and surprisingly Hydreigon. This was in comparison to Diantha's use of Aurorus, Gourgeist, and Gardevoir. Although Lance's Dragon Pokemon seemed to take the big victories early on as they powered through each of Diantha's tricks and defenses, Diantha's strategy ended up proving to be that much more fruitful as she was able to stay strong against each of Lance's big attacks as the battle wore on

This ultimately led to a confrontation between Diantha's Mega Gardevoir and a Dynamax Dragonite that Lance had been using throughout the battle. Dragonite was already weakened enough as it was, and Lance was only holding out with Dynamax to try and by time for a full attack from Dragonite when the Dynamax period ended. This turned out to be the case when he went for one final Hyper Beam only to be hit with Mega Gardevoir's Moonblast. Diantha then wins and moves on to the semifinals against Leon as the Masters Tournament continues

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