Pokemon Journeys Brings The World Champ Home

Pokemon Journeys has finally helped in achieving Ash Ketchum's dream that he has been fighting for since the 1990s, with the latest season netting the anime protagonist a win against Leon during the Masters 8 Tournament and making him the World Champion. Now, as the season most likely nears its end to venture into a new region, Ash has returned to the Kanto region to celebrate his victory while also preparing to journey forth to his next great adventure.    

Ash's continued involvement in Pokemon Journeys might come as a surprise considering that Ketchum has achieved his dream, but the trainer's status as the world champion might definitely give anime fans some interesting stories moving forward. Now that Ash has defeated Leon, he is on an entirely different level than what we've seen from him in the past, and this might warrant battles the likes of which Ketchum hasn't experienced as plenty of trainers will be gunning to achieve victory against the current world champ. Prior to any new battles, Ash has earned a breather and takes the opportunity to celebrate with both his mother and Professor Oak, while also reuniting with the many pocket monsters that he's added to his team over the years.

Pokemon Homecoming

Twitter Accounts are celebrating Ash Ketchum's return to Kanto as he is getting ready to embark on another major journey which will most likely end this current season and open up the anime adaptation to visit the new region that has been introduced in the latest Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

Goh has been a worthy ally to Ketchum throughout this latest season of Pokemon's anime, but like so many other right-hand men to Ash in the past, it seems as though the trainer obsessed with Mew might be bowing out of the series in an effort to continue to journey with Project Mew. It will be interesting to not only see what future challenges arise for the current world champion but also if Ash will be traveling solo with Pikachu by his side or if anime fans will see Ketchum gain a new companion.

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