Pokemon Synopsis Sets Up Ash's Most Emotional Reunion Yet

Pokemon Journeys is now in the midst of the final episodes of its run, and the synopsis for the next episode of the series is setting up Ash Ketchum for an emotional reunion before he starts the next big leg of his journey. The 25th Anniversary anime series has rolled out in a much different manner than all of the others thus far. Starting out with both Ash and new protagonist Goh deciding on their big goals for the season, the anime actually saw the both of them getting to accomplish their big dreams. Now it's a matter of seeing what could be next for the future of the anime.

But while Ash's future in the Pokemon anime is all but certain regardless of what kind of future region he will be traveling next, Goh's future is a little less clear. This is the point in the series where Ash's companions usually decide to either continue their journeys with him or go off into their own adventures. Looking into the synopsis upon the two heroes coming back together in the next episode, Goh has some thoughts about where he might go next. 

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

What Happens in Pokemon Journeys Episode 135? 

Episode 135 of Pokemon Journeys is titled "Pokemon! I'm Glad I Met You!" and the synopsis for the episode (as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter), "Ash and Goh reunite at Cerise Laboratory after completing their respective challenges. They decide to go camping with Chloe. Surrounded by nature, filled with Pokemon as far as the eye can see, the three reminisce about their childhood memories with Pokemon but...there's something Goh isn't able to tell Ash..."

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It seems like Goh will be making a big decision after successfully reuniting with Mew in the Project Mew expedition in the newest episode of the anime. Ash is now a world champion, and Goh has a clear slate for his dreams of the future, so it's a question of whether or not they will be sticking together in the next phase of the anime as it takes on the Paldea region from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games that just released this Fall. 


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