Pokemon Journeys Still Previews Ash's Reunion with Gary

Pokemon Journeys has spent its past several episodes focusing on several major reunions, with Ash Ketchum meeting his older Pokemon once again as well as battling against the Champion of the Unova Region, Iris, but it seems as if one of the biggest reunions is still set to land with Gary Oak making his grand return. With a new image of the meeting between foes that has been years in the making, it seems as if Gary hasn't changed at all in terms of his snarky personality that acted as a stark contrast to Ash's style as a trainer.

Gary Oak was first introduced in the premiere episode of Pokemon's anime decades ago, related to Professor Oak of the Kanto Region and deciding to leave Ash in the dust whenever he could. Gary first started his journey as a Pokemon trainer by picking up Squirtle, whereas Ketchum decided to go with Pikachu as his right-hand man. Though we aren't sure if Gary and Ash will have their long-awaited battle in the upcoming episode, it is a fight that fans have been waiting to see for quite some time and it would help viewers learn if the young Oak was able to keep up with Ash Ketchum's progress.

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon's anime gave us our first look at the reunion between Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum, with the former still having a gaggle of supporters cheering him on in the background as he continues his quest to becoming one of the greatest trainers in the world:


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