Pokemon Legends: Arceus Announces Anime Special

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and its anime has become just as popular as its games. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are still staples for anime audiences whether they began watching in 1999 or 2019. Of course, the anime tags along with the games when it comes to new arcs, and Pokemon has launched tons of specials to boot. So of course, it makes sense that Pokemon Journeys is doing its own little Pokemon Legends: Arceus special.   

The update went live today courtesy of Pokemon Journeys, the mainline anime's current season. It was there fans were told an exclusive anime arc based on Pokemon Legends: Arceus will drop in Japan next month.

According to the reports from Japan, the Pokemon arc will consist of two episodes, and the story is being called "God Arceus" for good measure. It will follow Ash, Goh, and Dawn as the pair gather to explore the Hisui region. This means the trio is likely about to travel back in time for the arc, but when Arceus is involved, anything can happen.

The only stipulation holding this arc back is its exclusive debut. Current reports suggest this special arc will be released on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix. Episode one will debut on January 21st before finishing on the 28th. And to make it worse, only Japan will get access to these episodes.

There is always a chance Pokemon might bring this arc stateside, but that is yet to be seen. The only thing we do know is that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will debut in North America on January 28. So if we are lucky, this special might find its way overseas yet!

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