Pokemon Gets Viral Live-Action Poster Following Netflix Report

Pokemon is thriving these days between its video games, trading cards, anime, and more. After more [...]

Pokemon is thriving these days between its video games, trading cards, anime, and more. After more than twenty years since its debut, the franchise is living a good life thanks to its global fandom. Now, a new report suggests the series is ready to tackle something different, so it is only right for fans to give a live-action Pokemon show a shot.

Over on Twitter, the user Startboii got the fandom buzzing after a special Netflix report went live. According to trades like Variety, the service is developing a live-action Pokemon TV show with help from Lucifer's creative team. At this point, there is no official word on this adaptation, but Netflix has been heavily invested in anime for years. So if this deal comes to light, well - we wouldn't be surprised.

Pokemon fans are very aware of Netflix's history with anime and the franchise itself, so they are bracing themselves for whatever comes next. Projects in early development can always fail, but plenty do come to life. That is why Startboii made an over-the-top poster for the Pokemon adaptation, and it is both cursed and blessed.

The image, which can be found below, remakes The CW's Riverdale into a show known was Pallet Town. The broody poster remakes the young adult drama for Pokemon by giving Archie a familiar hat worn by Ash Ketchum. The shadow of a large Pokemon can be seen looming in the background, and of course, Startboii says this is how Netflix's live-action series would look.

This burn comes on the heels of Netflix's latest anime adaptations like Death Note. The project was met with mixed reviews upon its release, and Death Note became yet another anime flop in Hollywood's closet. From Dragonball Evolution to Ghost in the Shell, the medium has never fared well with big studios, but Netflix hopes to change that tune. The service is nearing its release of Cowboy Bebop, and One Piece is also being adapted by the brand. So if Pokemon is going to court live-action television, well - we might as well give Netflix a shot!

What do you think of this mock Pokemon poster...? Do you think this adaptation will even come to life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.