Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum Wants in on Netflix’s Live-Action Series

Pokemon's own Ash Ketchum wants in on Netflix's new live-action series! With the Pokemon franchise [...]

Pokemon's own Ash Ketchum wants in on Netflix's new live-action series! With the Pokemon franchise recently kicking off a 25th Anniversary celebration, we have seen a number of surprising collaborations and projects that have emerged as a result. The franchise has already branched out in pretty much any and every way you could think of at this point, so that's why reports of a new live-action series currently being in development isn't that odd. According to Variety, a live-action series is now in the early stages with Netflix but there's currently no information available about its potential plot.

The Pokemon franchise contains a grand world with a ton of potential different stories that a live-action series could tell, much like the recent Pokemon: Detective Pikachu live-action film, but Ash Ketchum would be a pretty great way to bring in fans of the anime for this new adaptation. In fact, the original English voice behind Ash Ketchum thinks so as well as Veronica Taylor responded to the news with an "I am available," much to the delight of fans:

Unfortunately there are no details behind the story for the new live-action series because it's so early in development, but Variety has reported that Joe Henderson (who currently serves as the co-showrunner and executive producer for Lucifer, which is getting ready for its final season) is attached and executive produce. This has not been confirmed, however, but this new live-action series would be akin to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu's style of blending the Pokemon with the real world.

With as successful of a live-action adaptation of the franchise that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was, it is a wonder that there has yet to be any word of a potential sequel. If a live-action series ends up happening with Netflix instead, it'll fulfill that desire for more. At the same time, Netflix has a number of live-action anime adaptations at various different stages of development at the moment that have yet to debut. These include new takes on Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Sword Art Online, and Avatar: The Last Airbender to name a few.

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